Merlin protects people and property by managing everyday events like sensor alerts, alarms and emergency calls.

Merlin is the layer above detection and warning, calming the heavy waters created by potential floods of incoming data - pointing out to operations personnel what events they should be looking at first, and how, by following adaptive processes, they should be dealing with them.

Data from sensors, CCTV, alarms and humans is intelligently joined to create a full picture of an event, this is then presented to the operations personnel in an easy to use and almost foolproof way.

The World's best control room software?


For emergency command and control rooms requiring the latest in event management with CCTV, for ultra secure locations that need to filter false positives from background noise and where you need the most devices integrated in one platform without operator distraction commonly found where multiple independent interfaces are used.

Artificial Intelligence for the control room.


A clustered version of MerlinAi that provides the most robust platform for multiple linked control rooms or when you need absolute certified assurance that events are being dealt with independent of environmental and other factors and where you need easy identification of the location of an emergency call. Where disaster recovery is a principle concern.

For 99.999% uptime


Designed for a single or small group of buildings, it carries the same technology as the MerlinAi version throughout but is designed for up to five physical locations. With the ability to be linked to a larger control room MiniIMS gives local guards and facilities management teams that extra level of confidence of immediate backup should a major incident occur.

PSIM application for the smaller location.

Option packs....

Option packs are add on modules that can be used as required in the control room. They give advanced options for CCTV and video wall management, telephony, mapping and GIS and interaction with humans.


CCTV management pack includes Spectrum, Spectrum Video Wall, Spectrum Recovery and Spectrum VMS. Enabling Merlin to process CCTV from DVR,NVR, and edge devices such as IP cameras and VSaaS.

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The MMI package includes options for input of alerts via CrisisInput, and specialised mobilisation via Despatch Manager as well as a remote access tool through MerlinPHP.

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The GIS pack options include, MerlinMap, Vmap and Logistics. These allow local mapping of sub systems like cameras, alarms and sensors, real time location of personel and vehicles and map applications like Enviralert.

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SIP telephony option. The VOIP element is available in all versions as a free option. In association we offer a range of servers, SBC and headsets that are fully compatible with the platform.
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Initsys designs and builds unique software using modern techniques and methods. With an experience of nearly all forms of transmission of sensor data our platform is robust and feature rich.

All software is the company's original work, and our programmers pride themselves on reliability and clarity of the code they produce.

We are primarily based in the United Kingdom and have offices in Belgium, USA and Lithuania. We can support projects worldwide.

Our market is primarily large-scale integration projects with the emphasis on high risk and where absolute security is required. We have completed projects successfully in most sectors, including city, retail, finance, military and transportation.

An increasing number of commercial control rooms are switching to our platform because of its ability to process vast numbers of events while filtering out much of the day to day noise created by badly performing detection equipment. It is this artificial intelligence that makes our system truly unique in this field, false positives often mask a real event, something it is almost impossible for control room operators to identify without statistical help.

You can contact us via this website or call +44 1530 262100 (UK).

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Successfully running a control room relies on making the correct choices, and there is none bigger than understanding the requirements of your controllers, how they do their job and what they need to be efficient - it is as simple as that - get it right and all else falls into place, get it wrong and your reputation falls.

Merlin has been designed by people with real world control room experience, from design and build to standards and operations. Merlin has been designed so that your people work smarter, consistently and with common purpose.

No matter how good your personnel there will always be that time when they are distracted, when something is happening in their day to day life that takes their mind off the task at hand, or where repetition breeds familiarity. This is where mistakes are made and why Merlin is the only possible choice.

So if you have one platform already and you want to start offering more services, or you have two or more systems that are joined ineffectually and mistakes are being made or you are building from new, you need to look closely at what we do.... then make the right choice - Merlin.


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