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Incident Management Systems that include PSIM require independence from manufacturers. It is essential for the well being of the product and those that rely on it. 

By being independent owners of projects can ensure that they have the ability to specify the best of breed when in the design phase, they do not need to cut corners buying a poor product when they want to use another from the same stable.

There are other advantages, faster to completion being one, and, more reliable being another. Simply because IMS developers have a larger team dedicated to the interaction of devices and diverse software packages.

Some confuse the simple rules engines adopted by VMS and Access manufacturers as being complementary to those of the specialised IMS designers. This is never the case. Merlin's MRE (Merlin Rules Engine) has a large library supporting many functions from the simple event management to people control, mass notification and an impressive library to link to CCTV and other BMS (building management system).

Of course having a legacy library often means that the IMS can extend the life of older devices often way past their best. For example removing the necessity to maintain older operating system support.

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Initsys Ltd is proud to announce that it is to sponsor FastBoat Racing, one of Europe's best yachting crews, as they prepare for and compete in this year's ISAF World Match Racing Tour.

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Don't just take our word for it.....

It is always interesting to read the questions and watch the responses online about CCTV and Video Surveillance System installations.

“I want a 7 camera system, recording Full HD” – That’s it.

The reason for this post stems from analysing 6 different HD recordings over the past few weeks, each one capturing an incident, and the dramatic difference in their quality. One was even 2K!

I have said this many times but, the reason a DVR/NVR is placed into a Video Surveillance System is to retain images of an event to be later reviewed and used. The vast majority being for internal procedures or evidential use. As a result – this part needs close attention..........(Read More).

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