Logistics is a $4Trillion global industry. It is vital, in fact critical, and is the difference between an empty shop and shelves stacked high. Not all shipments are valuable, but those that are need to be tracked and traceable in the event that goods go missing. But what if you could do more? What if when a load goes off course, or stops for an unusual length of time you can be alerted, and given instructions on what steps to take? With Merlin you have that option using the vTrax plugin, part of the GIS option pack complete with its Polymorphic GSM tracing with anti-jamming technology.

And it is not just track and trace, the protecting of the warehouses, ports and airports is a fundamental part of an integrated security plan, Merlin's ability to link to a diverse range of CCTV systems means a control room with a fundamental logistics function can connect to all types of alarms and sensors, even if the building is shared with other companies.


25 January 2016


Carriage of goods