Smart City

Smart City

The smart city of the future relies on information - it is what keeps our towns and cities alive, knowing things like traffic flow, security status, pollution levels, is now expected by an ever growing population, who have expectations that our public servants have these systems in place. Having a system that can connect to a diverse range of devices, CCTV systems and applications is therefore vital. The smart city of the future demands a control room application like Merlin, integration and intelligence in one package.

  • Options such as Enviralert, part of the GIS options pack enables the monitoring in real time of flood alerts, pollution levels and other environmental factors.
  • The Spectrum CCTV modules give complete control over CCTV systems of all types with the possibility to create advanced interactive video walls, pass video to responders and trace events from shops and public buildings as well as that from street CCTV.
  • Being able to receive alerts from public buildings via Crisis Input and field personnel via tablet and smartphone and have those alerts automatically geo located on town maps in which all services are embedded.
  • Open reporting systems that inform the populace... warnings, alerts and information flowing from software to people immediately. 



25 January 2016


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