Recent events have proved just how vulnerable entertainment venues can be, and an increased emphasis on security is inevitable. An inability at most entertainment venues to raise critical events without the use of a phone is meaning that there is a delay in police and emergency response, and often, because standard operating procedures are paper based and often forgotten at the time of an incident, mistakes, sometimes with the potential for catastrophe are made. Lessons learnt once during exercises with the emergency services are lost, or committed to memory or memo.

The simple nature of Merlin's "hypernote" function, it's self-adapting operating procedures and capability of identifying the location and severity of an incident based on the number and types of warnings means that a venue can have a free flow of security and facility personnel without the loss of knowledge found in control rooms that rely simply on CCTV.

Merlin's “Crisis input” application, allows real time generation of events in a local (MerlinPHP), central or commercial control room that cannot be raised with the use of an electronic alarm generating device. With a completely user-definable interface, Crisis Input can say and do whatever the user desires, allowing them to raise an event to a central command center who can then act knowing the full circumstances inside. Crisis Input terminals strategically located throughout a venue might mean that events are dealt with quicker, saving lives.

MerlinPHP is itself is a perfect application for the overall monitoring of an entertainment venue, in which a wide variety of systems may be installed to provide adequate emergency control. This might include CCTV, Door Access, Fire, Intruder, and Crisis Input alarms. Having the ability for responders to access a venue CCTV system remotely gives them "eyes on the ground" often, frustratingly, just a few meters away yet inaccessible because the system deployed is not compatible.


25 January 2016


Venue protection