Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Terrorism, violent crime, natural disaster……all are threats to people and buildings that can be dealt with by Merlin, but what of the invisible things, those things we take for granted yet are absolutely essential to our lives, our way of living and our future. The government calls it the critical national infrastructure, things like electricity supply, water, gas, communications, finance, medical services and even road and rail. These things can be attacked in the same way but they also suffer from the smaller threats - vandalism, environmental factors and a lack of attention.

The problem is these places are often small, in remote locations, a remote pumping station for example, or an electricity sub station or a large interactive traffic sign.

Merlin is not only capable of being connected to existing CCTV but also edge devices, like smart cameras and applications such as VSaaS. Multiple small locations protected in clusters, people working remotely and sensors connected directly to Merlin without the expense of even a control panel installed at the place to be protected.


25 January 2016


Protecting people