Campus Security

Campus Security

Campus security is something Merlin has been involved in for a decade. In that time we have specialised in the development of custom applications that directly benefit campus security and the safety of those who live and study on site.

As an example, Merlin saw the introduction of automatic deaf alerts via SMS to the mobile devices of individuals who may not be aware of an alarm on site. SMS text messages that require a response can be automatically sent out in the event of a fire to provide ample warning to those that are hard of hearing. If an indication that the alert has been received by the individual, the system will take no further steps, but no receipt from the individual can be used to escalate it to personnel who might be able to track down the individual.

Allergy and Medical care alarms can also be generated from Crisis Input, giving the Security operators a guideline of exactly what steps to take in those instances. With the ability to add anything required to the Crisis Input terminal, the varying type of Medical emergencies and/or allergic reactions possible among students and staff can be added with an entirely different set of procedures that are, if necessary, unique to the individual.

Of course a campus is just like a town or city, it has alarms, access control and building management systems, CCTV takes a leading role in the protection of the people who work and study there, these things are natural connections to Merlin.


25 January 2016


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