No other transport system has the demands of rail - huge numbers of travellers with hardly any security clearance, electronic complexity and diverse risks make it the most challenging of environments. Merlin is uniquely set to provide a solution, its ability to be able to have local terminals with only nearby events displayed whilst at the same time having a main control room backup should the worst happen is vital. As is the capability to connect to the widest possible range of CCTV systems and cameras as well as more technical equipment, such as rail protection devices. In rail VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) is becoming increasingly popular, signalling equipment and even cabling is becoming easier to protect as the networks improve and the devices more intelligent.

One aspect of rail that will never change is the sheer volume of people involved, travellers and workers are there in sometimes staggering numbers. Merlin's capability to automatically detect people movement that is out of the ordinary is often all that is required to justify its use, but, of course it does not stop there, automatically adjusting procedures, threat detection and event management are all key components. 


26 January 2016


Carriage of goods