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The MMI - or Man Machine Interface is a critical part of Merlin, it allows the generation, reaction and feedback of alarms and events, including those not generated by electronic devices.

Crisis input is provided free of charge and is used to build touch screen or mobile intervention screens, these can be used in the control room, at a remote site or by a mobile. The design is free form and can include maps and video feedback. Of particular use in remote locations protected by guards the crisis input system allows complete two way communication and status messages to be placed automatically. When used in the control room the templates for the touch screen application will change depending on global and protected site or person settings. This is an incredibly flexible system designed for the control room of the 21st Century.

MerlinPHP is a robust indirectly connected tool used to access the data held in a Merlin system. It provides a white label interface for control rooms, installers and management to remotely view and alter the data held in the control room database. Additionally applications allow field engineers to directly interface with the control room without the necessity to make a telephone call.

Nimbus is an application that can be used on Android and iPhone. Control rooms build the user interface from modules so that each group of users has a bespoke interface. 

There are a full range of video handling options that can be connected to MerlinPHP view the Spectrum modules.