Initsys announces the availability of facilities management module for Merlin.

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As a Security Manager you know that Merlin can reliably process Fire Event warnings, what about Panic Alerts? 

Just as good? Of course....


But what about a broken door at one of the sites you protect? Or a toilet that is blocked? Or even a request for a new network or some new lights? 


Well, they are still events, right? Things still need doing in the correct order, in a timely fashion and in a controlled way.


So, FM events are just lower priority (possibly) than security ones, and now you can process them using Merlin.  And they may not need to be done in the control room. They can even be done automatically; from broken door to repair and even payment to the contractor.


LinC is a new module that plugs straight into Merlin. It brings together a simple, yet remarkably effective, set of additional tools to the things you are familiar. There are new tasks for the MRE, a new queue (or a few), along with new modules for Nimbus and MerlinPHP.

To find out more. Click the image below. LinC is now part of the Initsys advanced training module.