HALO introduced for home security in VSaaS

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How HALO (Halt and Look Once) enables commercial control rooms to provide compelling home security to their portfolio.


Ai, Deep Learning if you have not heard these words yet or understand what they mean or how they work then where have you been? Now it is possible to add simple CCTV cameras to a property to protect it using nothing than the cameras. Armed and disarmed by the user using Alexa, mobile app, web page or automatically by a self-adapting schedule in Merlin.


The cameras send images to the Merlin control room whenever they detect motion but before they are used to raise an alarm these images are analysed by the HALO robot. The robot outperforms a human doing the same task by a considerable margin. If an activity is detected then alert can be sent to the homeowner using Merlin's other robot Molly who will intelligently monitor the notification process. 


False alarm generation is negligible, matching or outperforming even purpose-built sensors.  Giving protection to a property before it is even possible for a bad person to break in.


The association with VSaaS is enabling Merlin to be used in VIP protection, Police safe house installations and for large-scale deployments to housing associations.